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The Form - Reality Practice™

"Touch on nothing - feel everything.  Become living awareness" The Form on facebook...
Bernie Prior
The Form - Reality Practice™
The Form arose through the realised consciousness of Bernie Prior, in the nineteen-eighties. It is now being applied world-wide as a powerful and direct vehicle of transformation. To the onlooker, 'The Form' appears very much like a slow dance – the practitioner moving in stillness around a seated recipient, both opening to the experience of profound depth, beauty and unity of Source.
"The Form will show you
how to be finer in how you feel the field, and how you are touched by the field and how you touch the field - the field of activity, the field of experience, the field of receiving, the field of giving, the field of life."

What The Form Does

  • Facilitates the transformation of old structures and patterns, allowing entirely new forms of expression and communication to arise.
  • Establishes a real connectedness to the innermost being.
  • Opens the individual to experience the joy and bliss of being alive.
  • Illuminates the creation of a life full of potential, one that overflows with love, purpose and true meaning.
  • Fills the individual with inspiration to serve and uplift the whole of humanity.

The Form teaches us to rest as consciousness in pure awareness and discover this is our essential nature. It directs us to cease  identifying with the patterns displayed as conditional movements through body, mind and emotion. In this way, in our everyday life, we learn from the practice of The Form how to fully surrender patterns arising in our experience of life, by remaining grounded in the awareness of our true nature. In doing so, new energy arises from 'the Deep' and transforms our mind of  conditioning.

The Form provides a direct vehicle of understanding that begins to bridge the divine formless nature of the Self with the ongoing development of human consciousness, appearing as a life of evolving intelligence and action. It awakens in us a deeper knowing and a deeper calling to be 'more' than we currently experience. It puts us in touch with the pulse of the universe that is actually inspiring us to create the future in a unified experience of human consciousness. It is this pulse that is the Authentic Self.

Article - The Form is a Cosmic Structure

In which direction do all the planets move around the sun? Is it a prescribed direction? Is it a natural direction? Read Bernie's article on The Form as a cosmic structure.

Experiences of The Form

Read testimonials from people whose lives have been changed through The Form Retreats, and the ongoing practice of The Form.

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