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New Man Woman Quote Cards Bernie Prior




Masculine/Feminine Attraction

The profound difference in Bernie’s teaching is his realization of the divine Feminine. This realization has opened him to a rare knowing and experience, gifting to humanity the absolute truth of the play of masculine/feminine attraction.

'You teach a man as a woman when he loves you - you teach him to do what you do. You teach him to flow through all forms. You teach him how to love all things. You teach him how to be intimate with nature. You teach him how to be intimate with flowers. You teach him how to be intimate with creatures. You actually teach him how to be intimate with stars and moons and planets. This is my experience. That is the gift of a profound love towards the Feminine.  That is your gift.'
'...man that loves God more than he loves you - in other words you as a body mind - is able to take you into the profound. As you are able as the feminine – who loves God more than you love the body mind of a man - to take him into all that is.'
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From the satsang 'Mystic Love'
Mystic Love

Mystic Love is available as part of a downloadable set of four mp3 recordings entitled 'A New Man, A New Woman'.
Authentic Attraction is Authentic Tantra
Click to buy...'What I do not see in mainstream tantra is the word truth or love. That is actually true tantra – the unifying of all opposites through sense-perception, in other words, through expression in this body in pure sexuality. This connection has to be from deep within the heart, whereas mainstream tantre is about enjoying something for the self. To me, tantra is the giving up of oneself. It is the deepening embodiment of love between two people who truly love the Divine and whose life is about truth.'

It's All About Man and Woman
Online Man Woman Retreat...

Articles about the Masculine and Feminine Attraction

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There are many ways to God. I’m going to point to two initially and then I will speak about another, which I refer to as ‘my way’.
Navigating With Your Heart Light
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She is teaching you to go without using your normal navigational system of ego and of mind. She is teaching you to navigate with your heart light, your soul light.
The Invitation of Attraction
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The invitation of attraction is to transform the communication and the forms of love – in other words, how we experience our lives together - to bring down a higher and higher place within ourselves.
The End of Linear Man and Woman
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There is no such thing as a man and woman when the love light that I am speaking of is met.
Living in the Heart of Truth as Man and Woman ~ CD Set
A four CD set with a focus on the intimate relationship of man and woman.  Click to buy this CD set...The Titles in this set are:
  • Volume 1 - Sleeping Gods and Goddesses
  • Volume 2 - An Invitation for God Love to Happen
  • Volume 3 - Beyond Personal Naming
  • Volume 4 - Making Love from the Real