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Spiritual Human Evolution™

S.H.E. ~ Spiritual Human Evolution™

is the term coined by Bernie Prior to describe evolution.

Spiritual Human Evolution™ is:

  • The ongoing work of humanity, individually and collectively
  • The ongoing work of the universe
  • The ongoing work to live on the edge, to make life spiritually, consciously, abundantly manifest
The next stage in human evolution is the crossover from egoic individuation, expressing as separation, to the direct experience of pure Being and its conscious manifestation as pure Becoming. This is the truth that we are all the co-creators of universal form.
The calling for a greater light and a greater love experience involves loving yourself through self mastery, transcending your self through profound honesty and giving yourself through profound loving. This has to be at the core of all of your experience of life because then the little self - that we think is us - will give up its resistance to grow. If we do not be our Self as love, communicate love to our self and extend that love to other beings that have a self, our culture will simply grow more and more stagnant and limited. Because as we see ourselves, so will our culture be - and its experience.

As we see our self – so will be our experience day by day. We must understand that I who am listening must be authentic. Even the smallest light of love and truth in our experience - if given all of our attention and awareness over and above our sense of limitation - will do the work of transformation both within the individual and within the mass consciousness. This is being a spiritual warrior - not a human worrier. Begin to fall back in love with the source we came out of and let that love regain itself in this human form. Let it flow through from our innermost to change our selves and come into relationship with the manifest universe.
"We are here to make change - dynamic, real, purposeful, intentional change - so that beings manifest in form no longer have to suffer the mediocrity of where we came out of in mind, in body and emotion. We are here to change the very circumstances of life so that higher powers can constantly come in, move cleanly and lovingly higher forms of potential to be gifted to every human being."

Audio Clips

Articles about Spiritual Human Evolution™.

Enlightening your Self-Structure
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Isn’t life the simple realisation that I am That? It is not an ‘if’. It is I am That, clearly - then there is ‘I’ that is That and there is the self that I can know.
Spiritual Human Evolution - series No 1
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Bernie explains one of the basic lessons that we are all still endeavouring to learn and integrate into our lives - that everything passes away.
Know, Be and Act as That One
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The more I remain true to who I first am in this field of experience, I ignite the whole field with what I am. Therefore I am able to lift any being into the same place of ‘I’ that am. That is what happens when any one of us is true to the pure Self.
You Are The artist
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Our path home is in our own hands. You are the artist who is shaping the image of your God, your Beloved, the unspeakable place of which you came out of. In your hands alone is the beautiful creative task to mould this universe into the image of our Beloved.
Living as Knowing
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When we truly begin to love the Nothing that we came out of and we begin to serve that Nothing in terms of serving our God-essence, we serve humanity. When we begin to touch on more nothing inside, it registers in the mind as absolutely nothing, but it registers in the soul as a finer knowing of eternity.
How Thirsty Are You?
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How thirsty are you for the real? How thirsty are you to discover the profoundly real inside of yourself? How thirsty is your heart for what is awesomely whole, for the call of the earth and the call of your Authentic Self which brings something more original and finer than your current experience? Do you really hear that call for real freedom, freedom from an egoic mind which instantly brings freedom from the body-mind as an identity, opening up reality as the Self, whereby everything suddenly becomes brightly alive and you see so clearly. How thirsty are you? I am asking you this question - Are you completely done with that that is not touching you in a real place?