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CosmoFORM™ is an extremely powerful gateway for higher consciousness. It brings the body into direct alignment with the cosmos, 'downloading' new energy and uplifting all past. It holds cosmic energy from the Most High and anchors it into our human body.

At this crucial moment for humanity we are creating a field to activate a new human consciousness on a universal scale that has never existed on this earth.

Over 21 & 22 December 2012, thousands of people around the planet practiced this movement... the power of the field created will continue to grow. Practice as often as you can moving into this new year and beyond...


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Share what you experience or discover through practicing the cosmoFORM™ movement...
cosmoFORM™ Movement
(With music & titles, no speaking)
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21.12.12 - What's it all about?
New Dawn Arising Broadcast

During this live broadcast Bernie Prior introduced, demonstrated and gave an in-depth explanation of this new movement practice, naming it 'CosmoFORM™'.


Bernie Prior guides cosmoForm™ and speaks about the significance of the movements.

The Origin of cosmoFORM™

CosmoFORM™ is a key frequency contained within The Form Reality Practice™, a powerful instrument of awakening that arose through the realised consciousness of Bernie Prior. It is taught by Bernie Prior and teachers of 'The Form' around the world. For more about 'The Form', including Form Teachers in your region, please visit www.realitypractice.org

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