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About Bernie Prior

Bernie Prior is a passionate and utterly engaging teacher, who challenges the deepest myths of our humanness with uncompromising truth.  With compassion, great humour and profound honesty, Bernie invites every individual to their highest vision and deepest knowing, and the actualisation of that in their life now.
Through his embodiment of Realised Consciousness and his realisation of the Masculine and Feminine Principles, Bernie brings an Integral Evolutionary context to the experience of all human life. Read more...
"There are so many teachers but so few that have the capacity and the burning
wish to take you all the way, to transform you completely. If you are
truly serious about your spiritual life, come and meet Bernie."
Mayuri Onerheim, CA

From Bernie...

An excerpt from his upcoming book entitled:

The Reluctant Tantric Master

A tantric master is a power that descends to earth taking on form to embody the figure eight of infinity; the holy marriage of form and formlessness. He is the ringing that calls both formlessness into form and form into formlessness. He is the door in which the holy marriage takes place, where ‘everybody’ returns to being ‘nobody’; pure Awareness-consciousness that instantly becomes embodied. At least this is the highest possibility in the presence of this power.

A living tantric master transmits this power through and as his body. Read more...

SHE ~ Spiritual Human Evolution™

SHE ~ Spiritual Human Evolution™ is the term coined by Bernie Prior to describe evolution. Spiritual Human Evolution is about riding the cutting edge of existence. Where an individual's life is in total response to innermost truth, radically giving that form. In this way the awakening of consciousness in each and every individual can propel the creation of a new life - an utterly new culture, an entirely new era of human experience.

The Form ~ Reality Practice™

'The Form' is an evolutionary meditative movement practice to realise and embody the Authentic Self in everyday life.
The sequence of movements came through the realised consciousness of Bernie Prior around 20 years ago and is now practiced and taught by a growing number of individuals around the world.  ‘Within each movement of “The Form” is the manifest resonance of the un-manifest consciousness in the depths of one’s True Self that is endlessly drawn, through the individual,  to evolve consciousness as Humanity, a New Reality. 

The Form awakens higher and higher frequencies of consciousness in the individual and in the collective – thereby affecting a radical change on every level of human experience – culturally, philosophically and actually.

Masculine/Feminine Attraction

The profound difference in Bernie’s teaching is his realisation of the Feminine principle. This realisation has opened him to a rare knowing and experience, gifting to humanity the absolute truth of the play of masculine/feminine attraction.