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Byron Retreat 2013

April 2013... Byron Bay, Australia... a profound 12 day retreat with Bernie Prior...
The Call of a Higher New Life...  Great Sex, Great Love, Great Death...

How do you capture the depth, beauty and wonder of 12 days of deep-diving into Truth, in the all pervading ocean of realised consciousness? IMPOSSIBLE!

Here is a glimpse...

"You are not here to get some relief from the world, you are here to relieve the world of your separate sense of self."

"The early stage of a retreat is literally a dissolving of the structures that have closed you down to your innate beauty and wonder and mystery. It is truly about going deep into the beyond, releasing all the fears, structures and tensions about a separate sense of self. Belonging so deeply to the heart that the individual, the person, the community, humanity is made new and we begin to know more Love as ourselves."

Beach Satsang(copy)

From Participants:

“Bernie's teaching opens me to a greater knowing of what I am. He is the unstoppable force of Love penetrating my being with Truth. I have such gratitude that he is available to speak into the life of this one, so that I can open to that which I am, God expressing itself on Earth.” - Patricia, Australia

"To have such a realised evolutionary being so intimate with us is an an incomprehensible blessing. He is cuttingly clear and yet so tender in being with each individual. Every sentence he says opens new portals of knowing what is possible in this life. His teaching is so direct, it takes the whole group instantly to knowing who we truly are.” - Shakti, South Africa

P4080352(copy)"On this retreat I have found a new life, a new me and a new relationship with my wife. I am no longer my past but the creator of my future. I love the connection it has given me with my body and the feelings that has uncovered. I feel in touch with the world."
Robert, Australia

"Bernie gives and gives and gives - he is ‘giving itself’. He loves and loves and loves - he is Love itself. He speaks, walks and transmits Truth - he is Truth itself, evolving." - Brad, USA
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