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Events in California

"Great Love does not fit any mold! Great Love is ever-new, ever-now. Great Love allows change and transformation. Great Love takes us beyond the edge of who we believe ourselves to be and into the endless possibility of who we can become. That is why it is so thrilling!"

Fairfax, 3 Day Retreat, Mar 15 - 17

An invitation to change the course of your intimacy from the ordinary to the extraordinary! Through real inquiry, explore the core of your innermost Heart and align your intimacy with its highest purpose. Experience the power of The Form-Reality Practice™, a profound movement that reflects and evolves the eternal dance of the pure Masculine and Feminine Principles to be embodied ‘here’… through You!
  • Re-awaken your true commitment to Love
  • Fully enter the journey of divine intimacy
  • Bring freedom to the themes that are limiting  your life 
  • Return your sexuality to the heart of truth

CosmoFORM™ – A universal movement to activate Higher Consciousness

March 7 - 7:30pm - Los Angeles
Discover the depth and power of cosmoFORM™, a gateway for higher consciousness. This movement brings the body into direct alignment with the cosmos, 'downloading' new energy and uplifting all past. It holds cosmic energy from the Most High and anchors it into our human body. cosmoFORM™ contains key frequencies of The Form Reality Practice™


Realize the New Dawn

Weekend program with Bernie Prior & David Karchere, Spiritual Director for The Emissaries of Divine Light.

Profound change is occurring from within. A deeper truth is surfacing. A greater love is calling. This is the New Dawn of Humanity awakening to greater potential.
If you feel this change within you…. If you feel compelled to break open in a new way and truly come home to your Real Self…..  Join two gifted teachers who are guiding this extraordinary weekend experience.
Come along and attune your Heart, realigning with the Greatness that already is, to discover a life of inspiration and freedom for all.

Start Sat 9th at 10.00am, Finish Sun 10th at 4.00pm
Venue: Glen Ivy Centre, 25005 Glen Ivy Road, Corona, CA 92883

cosmoFORM™ Event - Mar 7

7:30pm |The Gateway/ 2507 S Barrington St West Los Angeles CA 90064


Evening Talk - Mar 12

7:30pm | Rudramandir 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94710


Evening Talk - Mar 13

7:30pm |Sukhasiddhi, 771 Center Blvd. Fairfax, CA


3 Day Retreat - Mar 15 - 17

Sukhasiddhi, 771 Center Blvd. Fairfax, CA -Book by 1 MAR for Earlybird rate!

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