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Tuscany Retreat 2014

"Living a Higher New Life means to commune and communicate the deep within, enabling increasing pure consciousness as oneself to have relationship here on this earth. Only then do Sex, Love, Truth, Death and Evolution reveal their mysteries and true abundance becomes human reality."

A powerful retreat covering every aspect of Life, Love, Truth and Creativity. Change the course of your life and intimacy from the ordinary to the extraordinary! Discover ever increasing new abilities as consciousness to open to the depths of who you really are, enabling that here on this earth.
Over ten extraordinary days, learn The Form Reality Practice™, a movement practice and instrument of the Authentic Self, evolving masculine and feminine consciousness to manifest great love on this earth. The Form Reality Practice™ “holds the walk” of the evolving individual.Students practicing the Form enter a profound relationship with the Heart as the door to Source and therefore enter a multi-dimensional relationship with Universal Life, discovering a heart space that has no reserve, in that everything is fully given.

“Great Love does not fit the mold! Great Love is ever-new, ever-now. Great Love caresses the Unknown. Great Love implies change and transformation. It takes us to the edge and beyond of who we believe ourselves to be and beckons us into the endless possibility of what we can become. That is why it is so thrilling!"

 Through The Form you will:

  • Learn how to sustain the cutting edge of loving sincerity within your evolutionary journey.

  • Begin to see how Source as the “Real You” moves, how the Mystery unfolds and bring this alive in every moment!

  • Truly evolve your consciousness and all its forms, discovering the ability to create as the Real You; Conscious Awareness.

  • Contribute to the creation of a new self, enabling higher consciousness to manifest a New Humanity.

Brad and Andrew



This retreat has truly wiped the screen clean - I feel like I have been turned inside out. Emptied!! What a beautiful feeling, to be in touch with something so much more profound than what I have ever known.  I have so much more compassion for myself and others.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  - Amala, UK

My experience of the Tuscany retreat was perpetual breathlessness.  Each time Bernie would speak, it was like gold filled the air in and around my lungs and heart. tuscany 2011a(copy)Each session ramped up in potency and relevancy to my life, rising to a crescendo in ever-new heights and depths. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !  - Oren, US

"Oh Wow! Relief, release , recognition & freedom..this is what washes through me as I listen to Bernie. He speaks into words that which I know but haven’t always remembered or been able to see. Seeing, knowing , BEING – Yes!!" - Lorienne, South Africa

For your information

On retreat with Bernie Prior you are held within the field of a realised Tantric Master. The teaching offered does not involve any sexual activity. The retreats are suitable for single people and couples and are a profound revelation of the eternal play of the pure Masculine and Feminine principles within our lives, the movement of One-ness consciousness.

In this field, much may arise within your self to be brought to the light of awareness; an opportunity for great transformation and awakening.

Your Investment

€1450 Early Bird (ends 30 May 2014)
€1650 Full Price

Payment Plans Available

The Venue

Hotel La Selva
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The Form Teacher Training - Post Retreat

7:30pm, July 18 - 4pm July 19 (depart July 20 morning)
After the Retreat you have the opportunity to enter The Form Teacher Training Program. This is first small step of an ongoing profound commitment which will revolutionize your life and the lives of those you teach.
Download the info pack...

For information about the Teacher Training contact: christiane@realitypractice.org
The cost including accommodation for the two nights is €250. Select Teacher Training when you book the retreat (this can also be arranged later).



Tuscany Retreat 2014

EU 1,450.00
Teacher Training  No
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