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Avebury Day

Avebury Circle – An Open Invitation…

Bernie is extending an open invitation to join him in Avebury to experience the power of this ancient sacred site.  A beautiful gathering of hearts opening to the Mystery. The day’s format is informal and spontaneous…
...a day out with the Master.
Avebury-Tourist-Map Thumb
Wed July 3, 10am - 5pm
Meet from 9:30am on the green between the National Trust shop and the Great Barn Museum as shown on the map.
Lunch: We will be having lunch at The Red Lion pub in Avebury, or you can bring your own.

Enquiries: Todd 0758 718 2668 or todd@bernieprior.org

From Bernie:
"The stone circles are far more than misplaced stones on the barren land. They are the play of consciousness consciously connecting the earth to the stars.  The circles spirals and energy lines map out the universal picture on the face of the earth.

A human being is both the earth and the universe walking on two legs. Every moment of a human being’s life grows the possibility of connecting the dots of one’s life and aligning one’s life, one’s body, with the very earth underneath one’s feet and the stars above one’s head.

A human body, consciousness, is really the development of universal consciousness as having human form. Universal consciousness or super consciousness moving as a human being manifesting the universe to form.
The stone circles are a complete map of the activation of human consciousness and its growing ability to enable increasing downloads of cosmic consciousness into the body and to produce forms that mirror the highest potential as life’s activity of the human being.

Activated stone circles, such as Avebury Circle, an activated circle that has never been off-line, activates the same consciousness within human beings that step on the land.

At least it has the potential to activate the higher levels of consciousness within the visitors to such sites.
This is why they are called ‘sacred’. Sacred sites are basically initiation centres where human beings activate higher levels of consciousness by joining the dots within the psyche of humanity…"

Avebury Day

Wed July 3, 10am - 5pm Meet from 9:30am

GBP 30.00
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