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Ten Day Retreat in Greece - Oct 1st - 11th

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About Bernie

Bernie Prior is a contemporary Master and Evolutionary Visionary whose life is utterly devoted to the awakening of humanity.  His teaching crosses the range of human and universal experience.  Uniquely, he speaks of the divine nature of the Masculine and Feminine Principles and the potential for that divinity to be lived between man and woman.
Bernie is the Originator of The Form - Reality Practice™, a movement practice and instrument of the Authentic Self, evolving masculine and feminine consciousness to manifest Great Love on Earth.

Bernie is based in New Zealand and travels extensively throughout the year holding talks and residential retreats around the globe.
"There are so many teachers but so few that have the capacity and the burning wish to take you all the way, to transform you completely. If you are truly serious about your spiritual life, come and meet Bernie." Mayuri Onerheim, CA

One on One Skype Sessions with Bernie...

The Form ~ Reality Practice™

The Form – Reality Practice™ is a living transmission of the eternal, ever-evolving, cosmic dance of life. The movement awakens you to ever-finer frequencies of innermost experience, forever leading you beyond the confines of who you believe yourself to be. It is a pure and powerful tool of transmutation and self–mastery.

Moving from a place of pure being frees you of past and realigns you with the majesty of your true creativity. The movement of your life becomes freedom’s dance; fully ‘in’ the world, but not ‘of' it. Read more...

Masculine & Feminine Attraction

A profound and unique aspect of Bernie's transmission is his realisation and embodiment of the Masculine & Feminine principles. Read More...

Read Articles by Bernie about The Masculine & Feminine Attraction...
"A man and woman who are willing to constantly die for great Love, will change the face of this earth.  They form a bond of putting their love of a deeper place, their love of Truth or Source FIRST! They journey beyond this earth in their lovemaking bringing with them profound love that truly serves All."

SHE ~ Spiritual Human Evolution™

SHE ~ Spiritual Human Evolution™ is about riding the cutting edge of existence, where an individual's life is in total response to innermost truth, radically giving that form. In this way the awakening of consciousness in each and every individual can propel the creation of a new life - an utterly new culture, an entirely new era of human experience. Read more...