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About Bernie Prior

Bernie PriorA passionate and utterly engaging teacher, who challenges the deepest myths of humanness with uncompromising truth and whose radical tenderness woos hearts open, Bernie shines a contemporary light on eternal truth. He is a man of compassion, great humour and shattering honesty; his full embodiment of realized consciousness, masculine and feminine Principles and beyond, expressing as a powerfully far-reaching yet practical teaching. This crosses the range of human and universal experience assisting individuals not only to bring greater conscious awareness to life but to embody that as a fully conscious engagement of evolution as individuals, within partnership and through every aspect of their life and culture.
Bernie PriorBernie demonstrates through his own life experience, the divine nature of the masculine and feminine principles and the potential for that divinity to be lived in the attraction between man and woman in everyday life. He clearly outlines the purpose behind the attraction of gender, as being a way to transcend egoity and bring individuation into  higher purpose. This challenges us to look beyond our patterns born of self-concern and our fixed concepts and ideas about relationship.

Audiences around the globe are constantly wowed by BParticipants at Byron Bay Retreat 2009ernie’s radical and unique approach to spirituality and evolutionary growth, and his steadfast commitment to his realisations of Love, Truth and the Masculine and Feminine. This ordinary and humble man is accessible yet uncompromising where truth is concerned, living fully from the depth of his extraordinary realisations in this life.

Current Manifestations of Bernie's Vision

The Bernie Prior Foundation

The foundation's actions are devoted to raising the awareness of Bernie Prior's teachings of Spiritual Human Evolution internationally.

The Form ~ Reality Practice™

Click here to find out about The Form - Reality Practice™'The Form' is an instrument of the Authentic Self, appearing as a series of conscious movements, revealing the essence of the Self. It is a  powerful and direct vehicle of transformation for the development and upliftment of human consciousness. The Form includes modules that can profoundly touch all aspects of life, including business, education and health.

SHE ~ Spiritual Human Evolution™

Click here to find out more about Spiritual Human Evolution™SHE is a term coined by Bernie Prior to describe and bring about understanding of the true value of human existence and the purposeful evolution of all beings. It is a profound teaching that is constantly unfolding universal truth and higher potentials to create a global culture of inner unity - expressing life as oneness.

SHE Centre New Zealand

Known as She Chocolat ~ outrageously divine handcrafted chocolate, sacred service from the heart and a connection to the inner being.

The Making of A Master

"All I knew was my enjoyment of being. I never had words to describe it, I just had the innocence of love burning and a growing commitment to Truth. That’s all I had, no names for it. I let go of any need to get anything whatsoever, and enjoyed being and let life unfold, deeply unfold. That was when realisation took place."